Adrian Lewis refreshed and revitalised in hunt for major TV title

As he sets his sights on winning a title that is individual since 2014 adrian Lewis is feeling refreshed after his summer break.
The two-time world champion has endured a 2019 so much, but he is convinced of recapturing his shape at the ideal time as he aims a triumph at the Alexandra Palace this season.
The mercurial Stoke-on-Trent celebrity won his PDC standing name in March since April 2017 .
‘Jackpot’ has been not able to build on that success and he’s failed to proceed past the semi-finals of any PDC occasion that is standing .
“I believe I have had an up and down year,” Lewis told Sky Sports.
“I won a Pro Tour, I’ve produced a few semi’s and finals but as a whole it can be better, I have just got to keep working at it actually.
“This is the time where you need to begin hitting top form today, this can be the time you must work extremely hard in establishing towards the World Championships, there’s that many TV tournaments currently coming up.”
His performances in events have been especially underwhelming although Lewis has shown glimpses of the brilliant best on the Pro Tour this period.
He’s failed to register a solitary success in a Significant TV event this season, enduring round exits at World Matchplay, UK Open and the Masters from Jamie Lewis Peter Wright and Glen Durrant .
The upcoming tournament on the calendar is October’s World Grand Prix in Dublin, a tournament because reaching the final in 34, in which Lewis hasn’t progressed.
With a collection of tournaments on the horizon, the world winner is convinced of climbing back up the positions and adding another title to his haul, even since he bids to end his drought.
“My target is simply to jump as large as I can in the ranks actually,” the former Premier League superstar said.
“I’m sitting at number 15 today, I am not really defending anything from now before the World Championship, so keep moving up today.
“I will see if I could pinch a tiny TV championship there or here, hopefully the Worlds. You must get yourself.
“In case you can’t get yourself appropriate for that you shouldn’t be enjoying. That’s the biggest one the Worlds, second is that the World Matchplay and then you’d have to mention the Premier League I presume.”
Lewis was defending #30,000 in prize money at the Matchplay by virtue of hitting the semi-finals from 2017 and his defeat to Durrant saw him relinquish his spot in the world 16 – a position he has reclaimed.
“Obviously I was defending the semi-final of this World Matchplay which knocked me losing to Glen [Durrant] from the first round,” the 34-year-old added.
“It was a tough draw but they are all tough draws. It depends on if not you do not win if you develop then you have got a great chance.
“I believe that the averages are fairly similar to that which they’ve been around but the odd game folks are knocking in 110 and 115’s. That’s happening on a regular basis today.”
But while many of the PDC’s main titles were competing Down Under about the World Series circuit’Jackpot’ appreciated some time away from the sport and he has returned feeling refreshed.
Lewis, who also marked his return to action with a third round defeat to Cameron Menzies in last weekend Darts Championship, believes it is essential to find the equilibrium.
“Obviously all of the boys had been over in the World Series at which I just took five months off playing,” he explained.
“I’d just had two hours exercise before last weekend, but that is where I start building up now.
“It is very important to spend time with your family. You’ve got to find the perfect balance. You’ll then burn if it’s all of darts.
“I believe after that break everyone wishes to return to it and get a little normality back to your own life.”
It is not very long to wait till darts goes back on Sky Sports, the World Grand Prix gets underway Sunday, October 6 in Dublin’s Citywest Arena October 12, and seven times of coverage continues until the closing on Saturday.

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