Take a quick look at Ben Simmons career stats. The 0 under percent is tough to overlook.
But imagine what happened in the Basketball Associations Guangzhou Loong Lions and this weeks preseason game between the Philadelphia 76ers?
You bet he finally made one!
While he did not score that 3-pointer from an NBA team, everyone is speaking about Simmons becoming a 3-point shooter that is fictitious.
And as a result DraftKings Sportsbook has rolled out an NJ sports gambling market based around Simmons potential.
Did Sixers fans receive a glimpse of Ben Simmons week? Or was last weeks powerful 3-pointer more such as a one-hit wonder?
Thats the premise behind those DraftKings futures bets:
Keep in mind, the two bets mentioned above just apply. Another 20 could be attempted by him and also make 10 of them, however none of it counts.
In his two seasons in Philadelphia, the point shield has attempted a total of 17 3.
Obviously, those attempts need to move up if Simmons is suddenly going to become a threat from outside the arc.
Whether he unexpectedly attempts more than 65 of them in a single season remains to be seen. Whats it worth the risk?
If Simmons dramatically increases those shot attempts, making greater than 16.5 three-pointers during an 82-game regular season might be in reach. Right?
Nicely, DraftKings is prepared to choose the action.
In reality, when the 76ers open the regular season on??Oct. 23??against the??Milwaukee Bucks, the Simmons gaming marketplace isnt what everybody will be speaking about. In theory.
Both teams have been favorites plus theyre going head to head at the Wells Fargo Center.
On paper, Philadelphia making it will attract more gambling action.
Here are the latest Eastern Seminar futures from DraftKings:
Then there are the NBA championship stocks:
Simmons will once again should play a significant role if the Sixers and Joel Embiid are likely to live up to those high expectations. Even the All-Star??is averaging 16.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, 7.9 assists for his career.
Shooting, bettors and possibly or even the lack thereof, will come as an added bonus to his team.
Just ask ESPNs Jalen Rose.

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