Gagnon, Cousin Sal Add More Winning Weeks in Ultimate Football Challenge

It was however another winning week for Harry Gagnon andCousin Sal Iacono in the Golden Nuggets Ultimate Football Challenge, since contestants continued their quest to be the best handicapper one of 282 complete entrants in the vegas competition. The duo went a combined 8-5-1 in Week 5, with GagnonsCuseboy entry falling short of a much greater record when the Cleveland Browns (+3.5) were blown out on Monday night.
Gagnon ended up 4-2-1 to improve to 21-13-1 overall (21.5 points) while Sal moved 4-3 to proceed to 19-15-1 (19.5) for Team Odds Shark, staying within striking distance of those three contest co-leaders who each have 25. Cuseboy is tied with Sal. The other two crew members participating in the Ultimate Football Challenge would be the Szokoli brothers, with Darren submitting Brian and a mark going 2-5 and they didnt fare also in Week 5. Brian is 17-16-2 complete compared to Darren at 15-20.
Team Odds Sharks eight handicappers continued to struggle in Week 5 of the SuperContest and also Circa Sports Million, using just two members managing to stay over the .500 mark overall. Jon Anik went 2-3 from the SuperContest and sits in 14-11, resulting in the four-member group which also includes Paulo Antunes (1-4 in Week 5 and also 12-13 total ), Frank Schwab (1-3-1 and 10-14-1) along with Anthony Riccobono (1-2-2 and 9-14-2). The two co-leaders from the SuperContest rose to 23-2 and went 4-1.
Odds Shark Joe Osborne has been the lone member of this team in that competition to match with a record at 3-2 to go to 13-12 overall. The other three have dropping symbols, with Joe Fortenbaugh (11-14 total ) and Kris Abbott (9-16) each moving 2-3 along with Pamela Maldonado (10-15) 1-4. The total leader at the Circa Sports Million is 20-4-1 with two others right behind at 19-5-1.
Clay Travis had his worst week in the William Hill College Pickem competition also, moving 2-5 to shed him to. The 2 co-leaders at the College Pickchampionships are 26-9.

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