Japan head coach Jamie Joseph pays respects to Tyhoon Hagibis victims

Jamie Joseph paid his respects following Japans tenacious success over Scotland to sufferers of Tyhoon Hagibis.
Josephs side have made it for the first time in their history to some quarter-finals of a Rugby World Cup following a thrilling 28-21 success in Yokohama.
After the success, Joseph was keen to pay his respects to those who lost their lives with.
I think you could just look around and find out this can be a particular a moment for our staff and for this nation, stated the head trainer.
Before I speak about the footy, I truly want to acknowledge the families whove lost people in the typhoon today.
That prompted our team. We talked about it this morning as a group. Since whilst observing tonight there are a whole lot of people who are not the players actually wanted to play. I just would love to admit that.
Typhoon Hagibis made landfall south of Tokyo on Saturday evening and battered northern and central Japan with gusts of breeze and torrents of rain.
Sometimes those sorts of items can be overpowering but I believe [playing for them] came out in the match today, particularly when at times it was really, really demanding, Joseph inserted within his post-match press conference.
I thought that the Scottish group were unbelievable in most parts of the match, so they took us right from the start, he further added.
Japan went into the Evaluation knowing they needed to win by eight points to make the quarter-finals for the first time. The home side hit back to lead after hammering the points of the Evaluation.
They scored [early] and in certain parts of the game that they out-played and out-matched usbut it is the tenacity of our team at crucial parts of the Evaluation that paid dividends on us.
Then were just able to hang on until the end and I believe that many of that was to do with whats going on inside our own camp and also the fact that were playing a home World Cup.
All of us see, and feel, the amount of service that is supporting our team and thats incredibly inspirational
Japan will face-off against South Africa at the quarter-finals, a fixture that steeped at 2015 because of this Brave Blossoms victory over the Springboks in Rugby World Cup background.
We will begin next week and well go from there. The key to our successes is our preparation, being coordinated from the start of the week and also with consistent messages, said captain Michael Leitch.
So, we will do that and we are not coming out next week to really have a good match and lose. Were coming to win

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