Michael Owen: Real Madrid to Newcastle move the only one I regret

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Former Newcastle United striker Michael Owen says his move from Real Madrid into the Magpies was a”downward measure” and the”one that I really regret”.
Even the captain signed for 17m 2005 – a year after joining Real from Liverpool – but injuries limited him in four decades to 79 appearances.
“I should’ve followed my gut instincts,” Owen says in his new novel, reboot – My Life, My Timing.
“I did not need to go there – my heart has been set on a return to Liverpool.”
Owen says the Reds could not match Newcastle’s deal 14 decades back, so he reluctantly consented his switch into St James’ Park.
“From a career perspective, there was no doubt in my head that a transfer into the North East was a downward step,” added that the 39-year-old, who played for Manchester United and Stoke City before retiring from 2013.
“As unpalatable as that opinion might be to Newcastle fans, that is more or less what I believed.”
Even the 2001 Ballon d’Or winner had a strained relationship with afterward Magpies chairman Freddy Shepherd, that worsened when he was filmed saying that he would”carry Michael Owen back to Anfield”.
“Freddy was only doing what most of of the fans always do at almost every football team,” said Owen. “They think their club is 10% bigger and their staff is currently 10% better than it really is.
“This kind of delusion is especially true of Newcastle United – that, as I reach to the nearest tin hatis just a huge club in the sense that it has plenty of fans and a major stadium.”
Owen said the minute his connection with all the Magpies’ assistants was”reluctantly diminished” came when he was jeered as he had been carried off on a stretcher after being knocked unconscious in their 1-1 draw at Watford in May 2007.
“When I got home, I turned Match of the Day to see the game and that I could listen to Newcastle lovers, my lovers, singing:’What a waste of money,'” he added.
“I can’t deny their activities that day changed things for me personally.”
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