New York Knicks

This summer will ascertain whether this ranking is way too high or laughably low. For now, that means it should be just right.
The’Bockers are a blank canvas. The Kristaps Porzingis deadline bargain erased all long-term commitments. Their highest guaranteed salary for next season is Frank Ntilikina’s $4.9 million. No dream is too large for the Knicks right now. Since Bleacher Report’s Dan Favale broke , it is not impossible to discover a situation where Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis all call Madison Square Garden home next season.
Is it likely? Not in the least. But when the Knicks have their built-in marketplace benefits, plus loads of cap room and a good shot at securing the No. 1 choice, that’s an army of resources most clubs will struggle to match.
There’s also an flooring to consider.
Cap space might not mean Irving and/or Durant. Perhaps It’s Kemba Walker and Khris Middleton. Perhaps it’s not any one. Given the revamped lottery odds, the Knicks may end up drafting fourth or fifth. So, rather than Zion Williamson (along with a possible path to Davis), possibly the draft haul is just Cam Reddish or even Jarrett Culver.
New York has some childhood set up, although its possible remains in flux. While Mitchell Robinson appears before schedule and Allonzo Trier has been a huge surprise, Kevin Knox looks predictably raw. Moreover, Dennis Smith Jr. is far from a sure thing, also Ntilikina’s outlook is cloudy at best.

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