No-deal Brexit now EVEN MONEY as Boris Johnson asks Queen to suspend Parliament

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament beforehand of their Brexit deadline on 31st October, resulting in bookmakers cutting at chances on a scenario that was no-deal.
Was priced odds-against fairly frequently since March, the chance of the UK leaving the European Union with no withdrawal arrangement is even cash with bookmakers.
Odds have been hovering about that mark since Boris Johnson took over as Prime Minister, along with it looking increasingly possible this would be an option for your new guy in No.10.
Today’s movement comes in light of the PM creating a jolt move to ask the Queen to suspend Parliament out of 9th September to be able to set out the legislative acts of his government.
The Prime Minister’s petition have to pass legislation to stop the no-deal situation.
Punters have jumped into the sale or no-deal market as a result, using a large 72.2percent of bets on the marketplace in the previous 24 hours moving on the united kingdom leaving without a deal.
Johnson movement was met with considerable resistance from key characters like House of opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and Commons Speaker John Bercow.
Their debate is that suspending parliament is unconstitutional and could closed MPs from this democratic process within this phase prior to the October deadline.
Boris Johnson insists that he just wishes to set his legislative strategies more desperately , as opposed to conceal any intentions of leaving the European Union.
Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson:”Action on the deal or no deal marketplace has been growing steadily ever since Boris Johnson got the keys No. 10.
“Today’s news has seen an important growth in stakes and bookmakers have responded accordingly, with all the no-deal Brexit scenario looking as likely as it has based on the chances. In the event the suspension goes ahead, expect to see that price swing into odds-on imminently.”
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