Rugby World Cup 2019: Scotland wait for storm safety inspection

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If Sundays match against Japan is cancelled on security grounds, scotland is going to be removed from the World Cup.
The Pool A finale is using a change of dates, under threat from Typhoon Hagibis.
Scotland is led by the host nation by four points after three victories and a rescue could lead to the game being declared an attraction.
Group rivals Ireland have secured their place with a bonus-point win over Samoa in the last eight.
Scotland must take four more points than the host nation to advance to the quarter finals, if the match receives the green light.
World Rugby plan a review of the scene at 22:00 BST on Saturday, using a final decision.
However, tournament organisers say they will be able to earn that call after it is safe for reviews.
A World Rugby spokesman explained:Our principal consideration is the safety of everyone.
We will tackle comprehensive venue inspections when practically possible with a statement following when selections are made in the morning.
Our message to fans continues be remain indoors today, remain safe and monitor Rugby World Cup societal and electronic stations.
England v France games and Even the New Zealand v Italy scheduled for Saturday were cancelled.
World Rugby rules state thatwhere a pool game cannot be commenced on the day in which its scheduled, it shall be delayed to the subsequent day and shall be deemed as cancelled. In instances like this, the end result will probably be allocated two points each without dent enrolled.
Scottish Rugby believes its a case against the games governing body if it doesnt go and has contended to be switched to Monday.
Right from the get gowe stated we will play any place, anywhere, behind closed doors, at full stadiums, said Scottish Rugbys chief executive Mark Dodson.
When it looked like Irelands match against Samoa on Saturday would fall prey to Hagibis, Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend explained:The Ireland match cannot be postponed, it has to be played daily.
Scotland got off to a start in Japan since they were conquered at 27-3 by Ireland in their Pool A opener but awakened back with bonus point wins without conceding a dent against Russia and Samoa.
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