Statistics show Manchester United stand alone in having no strengths

As Manchester United prepare to host rivals Liverpool this Sunday they head into the clash because of Premier League outcast.
They are in England’s top-flight as it comes to their statistical features as a group in that, so far they do not have any!
WhoScored.com features, which decipher flaws, strengths and styles of play, compare all teams within a league against another using data over a range of key categories.
The outcomes are not good for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, who may have one weakness – a pretty significant one in’completing chances’ – but don’t have a single advantage.
Each other Premier League club has at least one favorable to their name at this point, but United do not score significantly above the average in any of the categories analysed.
They do not have some amazing flaws when compared to their league competitions either, but rather middle out statistically, which will be reflected in their 12th placed standing ahead of the weekend, as previously stated.
United are in fact one of three groups without a statistical strength to their title at this stage of the effort around the 98 in Europe’s top five leagues.
For Red Devils’ fans their rivals Liverpool, who make the visit to Old Trafford on Sunday, boast up to eight. Crucially among these is’scoring chances’, and although there’s a huge gulf in quality between the 2 sides right now, that’s potentially the.
Liverpool go into the match as the favourite, priced in 4/6 of Sunday.

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