UFC 243: Whittaker vs. Adesanya Picks & Event Preview

The battle is a very interesting one, since Whittaker largely favors his boxing and is well rounded, and Adesanya is a out and out kickboxer, who is apparently becoming increasingly better in every element of his game.
I think that this could play out quite similarly to thebanger Adesanya needed once he beat Kelvin Gastelum in a near fight to claim his interim middleweight belt. There was a wrestling from Gastelum, knockdowns, head kicks, and a crazy submission effort from Adesanya. It was wild, and currently the front runner (at least in my book) for Fight of the Year!
I prefer Whittaker to triumph as I see him. Hes pretty far as durable, his boxing is all on the identical degree, his wrestling is perhaps better, if he wants it along with his offensive wrestling is that there. My main dilemma is where he given that hes dropped from two conflicts in the last 18 weeks, both times and to get serious explanations. Add on the 2 wars that he had with Yoel Romero, and we all dont understand how his body might transport over the next action packed 25 minutes.
That I have come to learn you need to have reservations regarding fighters requirements when entering conflicts, but unless youve seen any frailties inside of the cage, it is usually not worth searching too much into. If you are unsure what I mean, return to Holloway vs. Ortega, if Holloway entered around a selectem, as a result of betting publics health issues for him. Then he went and conquer up Ortega from pillar to post, also seemed every bit of the well favourite.
I fancy Whittaker here. Money has been coming in on Adesanya, as I expected, and today Whittaker has shrunk to a reasonable 20/21.?? It never feels great betting against where the moneys coming in from, but I believe many are forgetting how great of a combined martial artistBobby Knuckles really is.

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